Up Close And On Fire With Spitfire And Kickazz, Ep. 2: Ancient Wolves

Pennsylvania has its share of metal bands, but one that is of note is Wilkes-Barre’s Ancient Wolves. While they might seem like standard fare, this Northeast PA band channels classic metal of the 80s while adding a personal touch to their 2011 debut.

One thing notable about this album is Gail Shirk’s soaring vocal style. Throughout she gives a sort of softness to an album dominated by hard rock. The instrumentation on Haunted Winter is fairly straightforward, but there is no lack of passion and integrity to each member’s playing. The drumming is simple, but combined with mid paced guitar work and a smooth and groovy bass line, it rounds out Ancient Wolves’ sound.

The production on this album is decent for a debut, but it definitely feels like it was self-produced from home. Perhaps in the future we may see an album with better production and mastering.

Not a bad album overall, Haunted Winter could probably be mastered a bit more effectively, but the mix is actually well balanced. There is some room for growth in this band, but I can see said potential being unleashed when the band (hopefully) resumes activity and releases their second album. Good luck, Ancient Wolves!

Text composed by DJ Josh Leir. 

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This episode of Up Front And On Fire With Spitfire And Kickazz was originally released on December 31, 2016.

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