Apparently, it’s taken at least a week for the server issues to work out here, or at least they happened between now and last week.

Last week, our friends at Up Close And On Fire With Spitfire And Kickazz, the independently produced podcast we were hosting and distributing, decided to utilize Spreaker to distribute their podcast. We are more than fine with that – because we are looking to utilize the same platform at Spreaker to distribute our own programming ourselves, leaving this server as a place to disseminate news and promote our podcast.

Thanks for understanding. We prematurely debuted the network itself to help out our friends Spitfire And Kickazz, so now during this hopefully short downtime, we will resume pre-production on our own programming. We have a lot of ideas planned for the TGML Podcast Network, and we look forward to implementing them in 2017!

Excuse the test post!

The server company we are contracted with has been having some weird issues this weekend – issues that we shouldn’t be having. The issue is that posts are not showing up automatically once they are made, which is not good for any website.

We are going to continue to monitor this situation throughout the day (which we shouldn’t have to, quite honestly) and let that determine whether we remain with our current hosting company past this week. I am seriously looking at allowing a service like Tumblr handle the text posts for us while having a dedicated podcast host distribute the program episodes if it comes to that.

We’ll keep you posted.

Technical Gremlins!

Episode 5 of Up Front And On Fire with Spitfire And Kickazz has been delayed due to technical issues that both the show’s producer and ourselves were aware of when we uploaded the show yesterday afternoon (Friday the 20th… as if that day wasn’t…).

All parties involved are looking into the matter and we hope to get back up to speed soon. Thank you for bearing with us.

Up Close And On Fire With Spitfire And Kickazz, Ep. 1: A Social State

This episode was originally released independently by the producers of the program on December 28, 2016.

This is the debut episode of Up Close And On Fire With Spitfire And Kickazz, and we almost came close to leaving it out of our queue because of a weird technical glitch.

The show’s producers sent us all four episodes of the show that had been posted on Spreaker and Mixcloud via Dropbox, and episodes 2, 3, and 4 went up without a hitch. We tried to upload this episode three times on Saturday, without success – our otherwise reliable server kept spitting it out.

This Sunday afternoon, we decided to open up the file in a DAW and see if we could find anything wrong with it. What we got was this:

The first problem was visible before we even played the file – that big blue band of noise on the right channel turned out to be the main culprit. We split the file up into two separate channels and deleted the noise channel. (Note: All of the other episodes were also sent to us in mono, obviously without the same glitch.) We listened to the file and realized that the program itself seemed to be at a slower pitch and speed than the other episodes. In short, it sounded like it was on quaaludes. We don’t know how that happened and neither do the producers of the show, but we fixed that issue too, albeit not as easily as the first one. This took some trial and error, to first change the pitch of the episode to one closer to the other episodes (we used the show intro and the opening lines of Spitfire’s dialogue on Episode 4 for comparison), and then had to alter the speed of the program, again comparing the show intro to both the problem episode with Episode 4. If the episode sounds microtonally higher than the other episodes, we apologize in advance.

Now, like with the other episodes of Up Close And On Fire, we have to point out that the show is independently produced, and that the TGML Podcast Network is not responsible for the content of the program. So what does that mean when in this case, we had to do some engineering, editing, and remixing/remastering to bring the episode up to standards? Not much. Is there a moral conflict here? Nope. The producers and hosts of Up Close And On Fire are still responsible for and deserve full credit for the content. That still holds. As good hosts, we stepped in to correct technical issues with the episode. We do not tell the producers of Up Close And On Fire what they can and can’t do on their own program, and never will. Thanks for reading and listening.

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Up Close And On Fire With Spitfire And Kickazz, Ep. 2: Ancient Wolves

Pennsylvania has its share of metal bands, but one that is of note is Wilkes-Barre’s Ancient Wolves. While they might seem like standard fare, this Northeast PA band channels classic metal of the 80s while adding a personal touch to their 2011 debut.

One thing notable about this album is Gail Shirk’s soaring vocal style. Throughout she gives a sort of softness to an album dominated by hard rock. The instrumentation on Haunted Winter is fairly straightforward, but there is no lack of passion and integrity to each member’s playing. The drumming is simple, but combined with mid paced guitar work and a smooth and groovy bass line, it rounds out Ancient Wolves’ sound.

The production on this album is decent for a debut, but it definitely feels like it was self-produced from home. Perhaps in the future we may see an album with better production and mastering.

Not a bad album overall, Haunted Winter could probably be mastered a bit more effectively, but the mix is actually well balanced. There is some room for growth in this band, but I can see said potential being unleashed when the band (hopefully) resumes activity and releases their second album. Good luck, Ancient Wolves!

Text composed by DJ Josh Leir. 

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This episode of Up Front And On Fire With Spitfire And Kickazz was originally released on December 31, 2016.

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Up Close And On Fire With Spitfire And Kickazz, Ep. 4: Beyond Fallen

With a new album in the can, a new record deal, a growing underground audience both here and in Europe, and the band’s 15th Anniversary approaching in 2018, Beyond Fallen seems set to prove that you don’t have to be on a large metal label to have staying power –just a sincere devotion to be the best metal band they can be.

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Up Close And On Fire With Spitfire And Kickazz is an independently produced podcast distributed by the TGML Podcast Network. TGMLPN is not directly responsible for the content of this program. 

[intro] Welcome to the TGML Podcast Network

The Groove Music Life Podcast Network has been in the planning/embryonic stage for some time. Recently, we were asked by friends of ours where they could find a podcast service for their program. When we mentioned that once could easily host their podcast via their own website, rather than deal with the likes of Podomatic or Mixcloud (nothing against any of those services, by the way), they asked us if we would host their podcast. We had been looking to launch the TGML Podcast Network for sometime, and this opportunity gave us the excuse to do so! Stay tuned!